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A (First) day with my son, alone at home

MY wife had to go out for some reason, so I got a first day with my son alone at home. We dropped my wife and came back. Now story start from here.

I asked to my son what he want to do now, I suggested him to take bath I will keep his milk ready.

Now questions are like:

  • How milk he needs?
  • How much warm it should be?
  • What else he need with milk?
  • How much cereal he needs in milk?
  • Where are his clothes?
  • Which clothes he supposed to put on?

Now lunch time, Again list of Questions:

  • Where are plates and spoons?
  • How much my son need and how much warm it should be for him?
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.,

Oh. How many small points she takes care every day, I never realized before.

Quote from me today:
“She takes care of my home, my son and me, because of that I can go out and earn money to run my home. She does equal job as I do, may be more than that, she does it with love”


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2 Responses

  1. Manoj Waikar says:

    Nice one buddy. Did your wife read it? And obviously I don’t need to tell you this that a mother is the most selfless creature on this earth.

  2. dushyantpatel says:

    Yes she read it, but she has not words as its obvious fact.

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